Timetable & Cost

Our ART PLAY sessions are held on Friday mornings at the Woodville Pavilion in North Perth (on the corner of Fitzgerald St and Farmer St). We start at 9:30am and finish up at 10:15am. We run every Friday (even during school holidays).

At the moment we are only running sessions of Fridays. In the past, we have also offered Tuesday and Wednesday sessions. But at the moment, I’m trying to finish off my Art History PhD and need a bit of extra time to devote to it. I’ll update the ART PLAY NEWS and Facebook page as soon as we’re ready to offer more classes later in the year.

ART PLAY is all about process art & play. Each session offers a range of invitations to play, and explores a variety of materials, processes and concepts.

The sessions are created with little kids aged 18 months to 4 years old in mind. However, if you child is outside of these ages and you are still keen to come, just let us know. We often adapt our activities to suit little ones younger than 18 months, and older kids.

Classes are casual and cost $15 per session for one child, and an extra $5 for each sibling over the age of 2 years (siblings under 2 years are free). Please remember that it is important to book the session you want, as we have limited spots each week. And note that an adult must be present for each family of children.

Everything is included (except smocks) and there is no need to bring anything. It will get messy, so dress in clothes that can get mucky or bring a smock!

If you’re ready to book your spot email us at artplayperth@gmail.com or text Erin at 0402 453 311. We can’t wait to see you at ART PLAY!


3 thoughts on “Timetable & Cost

  1. Danielle says:

    Are classes this year on a Tuesday or Wednesday? I’m a little confused reading all the posts…

    • erinjacksonvis says:

      Hi Danielle. Sorry it has been confusing! We have had to change a lot this year, and I hadn’t update the website very well. We are only running sessions on Fridays at the moment, from 9.30-10.15am. I’ve updated the website, hopefully it is a lot clearer. Let me know if you there is anything else you would like to know. Thanks so much. Erin : )

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