Creative & Messy Play

At our ART PLAY process art play group we provide a safe, fun and relaxed environment for little kids (and their families) explore, experiment, learn and get messy. Each session, we set up several open-ended invitations to play, which encourage different types of play.*

At ART PLAY we’re about the process and not the product. We like to experiment with cutting, sticking, gluing, bending, stapling, mixing, painting… Sometimes we turn our process art into objects that our kids can show their friends and family. But often, we don’t worry about the outcome, and just enjoy the experience of making.

At ART PLAY (and at home) we also like to think of ways to reuse, adapt and borrow objects from our everyday lives to create our art. All of the paintings, drawings and sculptures that are left at ART PLAY are recycled later on. We often turn them into wrapping paper, confetti and cards.

We believe that practice of recycling, adapting and reusing fosters creativity and resourcefulness in our kids and ourselves. It also helps to remind us that we don’t need to always go out and buy new stuff or have a certain tool before we can begin our projects. Often, we find that it is the process of talking about our ideas, experimenting with materials and adapting the everyday that ends up being the fun part!

We also like to encourage our kids to think creatively, use their senses and develop their emotional intelligence while playing around with art. We often sit on the floor to play, as it makes it easier for people to move around, talk and share with each other. While we always have a lot of art supplies at our sessions, we also encourage the grownups & kids to share, take turns and be respectful of the resources. It’s a great way to get to meet other people in the session, and helps to develop the emotional intelligence of our kids.

* Usually our activities are based on concepts of imaginative, constructive, sensory, messy and creative play.



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