Art Play ‘Party in a Box’

Art Play’s ‘Party in a Box’ is a brilliant, flexible and cost-effective way to have an Art Play party at your place! You get a big plastic tub filled with everything you need to run one of our favourite Art Play activities. And the best bit of all, is that you get to keep it!


Animal Kingdom

Our Animal Kingdom Art Play tub comes with everything you need for an engaging small-world, populated by wild rainforest creatures. And we also include a hand-illustrated drop cloth to colour in with chalk, and to catch all the mess!

The reusable 60L tub comes with: 20 rainforest animal figurines, long lasting nature-play elements (rocks, shells, sticks etc.), green streamers, our mix of small-world treasures (sparkles, giant confetti, plastic jewels, glass rocks etc.), Play-Doh playdough, clean white sand, a hand-illustrated map themed drop cloth, a bubble wand, and a box of Crayola chalks.

Cost: $120


Paper People

Our Paper People tub is filled with art supplies to make and dress 50 paper people! Turn them into pretty paper dolls, fantastical fairies, or smashing super heroes. We’ve also included a hand-illustrated drop cloth to colour in, and to make your clean-up easier.

The reusable 60L tub comes with: 50 paper people, 60 sheets of patterned paper, glitter tape, washi-tape, 10 novelty scissors, 10 small glue sticks, our custom bling-mix of sparkles, jewels, confetti and feathers, a hand-illustrated portrait themed drop cloth, and a box of 12 Crayola chalks.

Cost: $130