Art Play Friday: Oil Pastel Resist Painting & Playdough Birthday Cake



Last Friday we made a beautiful layered painting. We started by drawing on a big roll of paper with chalk, oil pastels and water soluble markers. Then we washed over the top with our watery tempera paints. We experimented with a variety of brushes, and paint pipettes, which are great for developing fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. The kids finished their painting by squeezing out little tubes of glitter glue and spreading it around with their paint brushes.


Then we moved on to the playdough mat. We’d made a playdough birthday cake for one of the kids, who was celebrating her second birthday. The playdough cake was sliced up and the kids mixed their wedges of rainbow dough with coloured pasta and rice, paper flags, and waxy candles. We played with the tea set, plastic cutlery, tiny bottles and jars. It was really lovely to work a bit of imaginative play into our playdough activity.



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