Art Play Wednesday: Our First Wednesday Session!


Woohoo! We had our very first Wednesday session this week. And it was so good. We starting with painting and printmaking, using some stars we’d cut out of packing foam (gotta love packing foam!). Then we mixed a little water into our poster paint, and used pipettes to squeeze the watery-paint onto our prints.


It was a really weird, humid morning, and the kids were feeling a little antsy. So instead of sitting at the painting table for too long, we rolled out the chalkboard canvas and cracked out the chalk. While a few of the kids finished painting, the others amused themselves with chalk body tracing.


When all of the kids were ready, we left the painting table and set up the playdough mat. Which is what we’re calling our not-so-fancy drop cloth. The kids were very helpful unpacking the playdough box, which was filled with playdough treasure: straws, wing-shaped seed pods, sticks, rocks, shells, gold painted gravel, tin-foil, coloured rice and pasta. And a roll of goofy eye stickers. We made a heap of mad monsters, winged fish and chicken-legged beasts. And a few of the little ones just really enjoyed tipping pasta and rice into different cups.



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