Art Play Friday: Leaf Painting & Sensory Playdough Tea Party

Leaf painting is such a great, spring-time activity. Our garden is overflowing with greenery (before the summer sun really kicks in and fries everything), so we spent the day before collecting leaves with interesting shapes and textures.


The set up was very simple – pots of premixed paint, kid-sized paint brushes, a roll of paper and a pile of leaves. This time we only used two primary colours – blue and yellow. These were premixed (with a little white) to make pots of blue, turquoise, teal, green and yellow for the kids to work with. Limiting the palette to only two primary colours is an easy way of avoiding a messy, muddy-looking painting at the end. Which is brilliant if you’re planning on reusing the artwork in collages or as wrapping paper later on.


The kids had a great time painting leaves, pressing them down to make prints, painting over them to make reverse-prints, and using stems of rosemary as paint brushes. And of course, painting their hands/arms/legs. So much painting!


Then we moved onto the playdough. To shake things up, we set up our playdough tea party on a drop-cloth on the floor and let the kids help unpack the Art Play boxes. We had rainbow playdough (the different colours were scented with lemon, mint, rosewater and almond essence), tea-sets, utensils, little pots and pans, and a heap of coloured pasta, rice and dried beans. It was really lovely to see the kids interacting with each other more, and I think we’ll have playdough floor parties more often.



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