Art Play Friday:Chalkboard Canvas and Homemade Kinetic Sand

Last week we tested out our new chalkboard canvas. And it was brilliant! The roll of canvas is so easy to move around and wipe clean, and the crayola chalks looked so lush against the deep blue chalkboard paint.


Set up was easy. We unrolled the canvas, scattered toy boats and marine life, and handed out chalks. We drew shapes, coloured in the canvas, traced around toys. When the kids started to lose their focus, we handed out spray bottles of water. The kids enjoyed spraying down the canvas (and each other) and wiping the chalk off to make more room for their drawings.

For our second activity we unleashed the homemade kinetic sand. The kinetic sand was good, but not as great as the bought stuff. It clumps together nicely, and holds a shape. But it doesn’t stretch or flow very well. The mix also dried out quite quickly. Which wasn’t a problem for us, since the kids were only too happy to squirt it with the spray bottles. It was also a bit trickier than expected to clean up, with the cornflour leaving a fine film over everything.

A few of the kids mixed A LOT of water in with their sand, which was very cool because the detergent in the mixture started to bubble and make a great sandy, foamy soup. We used plastic utensils, tubs, cups, ice cube trays, feather and shells to explore what the sand could do. We also shaved some of our favourite chalks over our sand to see what would happen. Super fun. And super messy : )



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