Art Play Friday: Crowns & Sensory Playdough

Did you know that egg cartons make pretty good crowns? Neither did we, until the kids made one at home last week.


Egg cartons are a great alternative to sheets of coloured card. We always have a stack of blue and white egg cartons (which are very kindly donated by friends and family). The cardboard is nice and thick, and has a great texture that works well with waxy oil pastels and chalk.


We pre-cut the crown shapes out of the egg carton lids, and cut down some of the left over bits of egg cartons to make more spikes. The kids were let loose with oil pastels, chalk, coloured ‘jewels’, coloured tape, gold crepe paper fringing, feathers, extra spikes and scraps of paper cut into geometric shapes.

I have to say, the jewels were my favourite bit. We made them earlier in the week by painting bluestone gravel with some left over gold spray paint and a bit of opalescent craft paint mixed with acrylics. We’ll definitely be making more in the future.


Usually we use glue sticks in our art sessions, but the egg cartons called for tougher stuff. So instead we gave the kids the choice of waterbased PVA glue, masking tape, sticky tape, double sided tape and a stapler.


Once the kids were finished, we measured each crown and stapled them closed. This turned them from a flat cutout into a circular crown shape.


After a quick tidy up, we set up the playdough table. Although we try to mix it up a little, we’ve found that the playdough table is a great way to unwind at the end of the session. And the kids love it. Last week we did a sensory playdough with tubs of coloured rice, dried beans and lentils ready to mix through it. To encourage mixing, we made individual balls of playdough which had a brightly coloured centre wrapped in a layer of white playdough. The balls looked white, until the kids ripped them open. So much fun!



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