Troublesome Smocks


We’ve already posted it on our Facebook, but thought we should make a note here too. We’ll no longer be supplying smocks in our sessions.

It’s been surprisingly tricky to sort out smocks for Art Play. Originally we bought a stash of ten smocks, which served pretty well for the first couple of months. But the constant washing and drying in the sun has meant that they are already starting to fall apart.

It’s also hard to get enough of the right size for any given session. Because we run our sessions on a casual basis, we could have a class of tiny-tots or lanky three-year olds. We love the IKEA smocks, but they only fit very small kiddos (my kids grew out of them at 18months). The smocks we bought from Kmart have been a great, inexpensive option, but only suit bigger kids (2 years +).

The cost of a smock might not seem like much, but we try to keep the cost of our session as low as possible. And buying ten at a time certainly adds up. So from now on we’re asking families to bring there own. Or just wing it in old, messy clothes. We’ll still supply everything else. Thanks for understanding : )




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