Art Play Friday: DIY Stickers & Salt Dough

Last Friday we made our own stickers! We laid out contact paper (with the back still on to preserve the adhesive) and stuck it down to provide a work surface for the kids. Then we put out a stack of home-made templates and sharpie markers. After experimenting at home, we found that different types of template work better for different kids. Some find it easier to trace around a basic shape, while others find it easier to trace around the inside of cut-out.


The kids drew on the contact, helped by their mums who drew shapes to colour in, and helped to trace around hands and templates. Then we practised using scissors and cut out our stickers.


Then we moved on to a playdough table. This week, we experimented imprinting different patterns and textures onto salt dough.* Although we usually put out a few different coloured doughs, we’ve noticed that they rarely get mixed together. So this week, we artfully pre-swirled flamingo pink, white and pineapple yellow dough together before the session. So summery! The kids made imprints with kitchen utensils, toys and plastic insects,  squished the dough with a rolling pin and potato masher, and hide plastic insects inside it. It was a really great, relaxing session.

*At home, the salt dough can be air dried (over a week or so) or over a few hours in a low oven (150C). We’ve used it before to make Christmas tree decorations (fluroescent glitter-bombed camels anyone?) and basic coil pots.


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