Art Play Friday: Bubblewrap Mono-Prints & Beach Inspired Playdough

We had a brilliant time making bubblewrap mono prints a couple of weeks ago. We covered our tables with bubblewrap, got out the brushes and paint, and let the kids loose. We experimented with mixing colours, squishing the bubblewrap with our fingers and sliding over the bumps with our brushes. When the kids were finished painting, we carefully pressed sheets of paper on top of the painted bubblewrap and peeled off our lovely dotty mono-prints.


While the prints were drying, we set up a beach-inspired playdough table. We used a different recipe for the playdough (we like to experiment) – it was a mix of sorbolene cream and plain flour. The playdough was gorgeously soft and stretchy.* We added a bucket of shells, coral and rocks we had collected from the beach, plastic marine-life and home-made flags. The kids made habitats, animals, shell-imprints and a crazy shark tower. It was so much fun, that it was hard to pack it all up at the end.


* The playdough was great, but didn’t keep more than a day. We’ve made it with cornflour and sorbolene cream before at home, and it lasted for weeks.


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