Art Play Friday: Body Tracing and Fragrant Playdough

We had a very relaxing session last Friday with a lovely bunch of mums and toddlers. Inspired by the Young Archies, we made big and little self-portraits. Which sounds very ambitious, but was a lot of fun. We started with body tracing on long rolls of paper. A couple of the kids didn’t want to lay down (my own included), so they helped trace around a grown-up instead.

The mums and kids filled in and decorated their people with drawings, wrapping paper, wool, pompoms, foil and clothes cut out of fabric. We also had a table set up with cardboard rolls, wooden dolly pegs and thick card, so kids could make smaller ‘people’, or just enjoy a lot of free-form gluing.


After a quick tidy up, we set up the playdough table. We’ve done a few nature themed playdough tables recently (and I promise we’ll shake it up next week), but our garden is just so pretty with the start of spring. We filled the table with fragrant foliage and flowers from our place: jasmine, bay leaves, passionfruit flowers and leaves (who knew they smelt like passionfruit too), rosemary, geranium and mint. And of course, sticks and rocks. The kids (and mums) made some beautiful gardens, critters, flower people, ponds and cakes. What a relaxing way to unwind from the week.



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