Art Play Friday: Shaving foam prints and ice-cream playdough


This week we did one of our messiest activities yet! Shaving foam print making. We started off with a communal table wrapped in plastic, and warmed up by playing with some of the Art Play toys in great drifts of shaving foam. After the dinosaurs and cars had been thoroughly foamed, we added some frothy paint (washable paint mixed with water and detergent) in squeeze bottles. We took out the toys, and the kids got busy squishing, mashing and swirling the goop.

We made prints by placing white paper on top of foamy mess. Once the paper was covered with the painty foam, we scraped it off with some thick cardboard. The prints were left to dry.


After a quick clean up, we moved on to the playdough table. The playdough this week was a slightly different recipe to the one we usually make. We used the no-cook playdough recipe from Imagination Tree. The result was a super soft, pastel coloured dough. The playdough table had a bit of a baking theme this week. We set up with patty pans, cardboard tubes, sprinkles, coloured pasta, dough plungers and tiny tubs. The kids made some awesome cakes, ice creams, cupcakes and a seriously good-looking doughnut! And of course, a pastel coloured elephant with pasta tusks and cardboard roll legs.



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