ART PLAY Friday: Sharpie mugs and nature-inspired playdough

Usually we’re all about the doing – the gluing, sticking, drawing, poking and squishing – and not what we make at the end of it. It’s very liberating (for kids and parents) to just enjoy the process, and not worry about the outcome. And it’s a great way to experiment, practice and learn new concepts and skills. But since it was the last Friday before Father’s Day, we decided to make some awesome sharpie mugs to celebrate!

The process of making a sharpie mug is quite simple, and there are a heap of tutorials out there. We’ve had a few issues with the drawings rubbing off, so we’ll continue to experiment until we get it worked out.

At the same table, the kids made some communal wrapping paper to take home. They drew with washable makers and glued on giant confetti dots. Gosh, they loved those dots!

Then we moved onto a nature-inspired play dough table. During the week, we collected up rocks, sticks, gumnuts, leaves and flowers. My kids loved it. We were careful to wash all the gum nuts – there were a heap of pesky millipedes hiding in them!

During the session, we put all our foraged treasures on a long table with lemon-scented playdough and a range of playdough tools. Some kids made monstorous insects, sprawling gardens and prepared bowls of ‘food’. Others made abstract creations that really experimented with the materials at hand, and enjoyed the challenge of manipulating tiny seeds, fine grass stems and fiddly flowers.

Thanks to everyone who came down. We can’t wait for next week!




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