Hello guys. We’ve got a bit of sad news – after two years of messy art classes, we’re wrapping up Art Play on 14th September. It’s been a very difficult decision to make. Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us over the past two years! It’s been incredible to share our love of messy and creative play with so many beautiful families. We’ve really enjoyed being a part of this little community, and we are so grateful for your enthusiasm, kind words and support. I’d also like to say a special thank you to my amazing mum, without her help, there wouldn’t have been any Art Play. Thanks, Erin and Vicki x




3 thoughts on “ABOUT ART PLAY

  1. erinjacksonvis says:

    Hi Priscilla. Yes, at the moment we only have sessions on Fridays. We might do different days next year. Is there a day that would suit you? A smock is just a loose shirt/top the kids can wear over their clothes when we do a messy activity. You can by them from Kmart, Target, Big W or Ikea. But they can also just wear an old adult shirt or clothes that can get messy. Erin 😊

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